Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pinball Week Episode 2.5 - Williams Promo Videos

This week refuses to die, huh? Seems fitting. A youtube user going by the name of CaptainPinball uploaded a huge number of promotional videos for Williams pinball games of the mid '90s. After stumbling across his account last night, I had to link you guys to some of these. Yes, they were uploaded more than a year ago. Considering that they're all firmly entrenched in the hilarious early '90s Video Toaster Editing School, that hardly seems to matter now.

First up is a promo for Twilight Zone, which was designed by Pat Lawlor immediately following his work on Addams Family, the best selling pinball machine of all time. An astonishingly bad Rod Serling impersonator narrates for its entire duration.

Next is a video hocking Demolition Man. Where do I even begin?

Finally, here's the promo video for Party Zone, in which the design team embarrasses itself for the sake of countless future generations.

The rest of the videos, which you can view over at CaptainPinball's youtube page, are also generally awesome. I especially like this one for Road Show, in which Pat Lawlor basically admits that the game is intentionally designed for people to credit feed as much as they possibly can in a desperate attempt to salvage the fortunes of the pinball industry.

Sometime later this week, I'll be writing the first of many entries about the PC Engine. It's gonna be awesome!


Matt Brown said...

Stop playing pinball, son. You're all pinballed out!

Mazo said...

PC Engine? Cool. I'm gonna hook up my Dreamcast and mess around with Segagaga in the meanwhile.

You ever gonna be back in Denver? I've been meaning to give your games back for like a year, now.

nabbercow said...

Ah bummer, the videos aren't available anymore :(

nabbercow said...

Nevermind, they came back when I reloaded the page, huh!

Nick: The Pinball Blog said...

appreciate this post is a little old but there's loads of promo vids up on youtube now. Plus you need more pinball stuff on the blog :o)

Jason Moses said...

Thanks for the comment! I've added your blog to the ol' rss feed (great job organizing something as wonderful-looking as the UK Pinball Show!). I definitely plan on talking about pinball some more in the future, too, just so you know.